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French Sofa Set 

For those who do not prefer heavy or overly ornate carvings, Royalzig offers a more refined alternative to Classic French Designs in its collection. If you appreciate elegance without ostentation in your furniture, then classic French design may suit your tastes. The richness and simplicity of artistry inherent in French design furniture contribute to the beauty and warmth of any environment.

While Royalzig maintains a collection of all types of Classic French design furniture, including bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, and living room furniture, in this article, we will focus on 7 classic French sofa designs that will enhance the beauty of the living room in your villa or apartment

French classic design sofas are renowned for their special shape, beauty, comfort, delicacy, and complex yet light open carving with fine detailing. Compared to Royal sofas and Classic Italian Sofas, French sofas are typically smaller in size.

French sofas emeditor a strong sense of balance and symmetry, making them visually appealing and harmonious in any space. Their highly ornamented decorations often feature rosettes or floral motifs, geometric shapes, animals, depictions of figures, and broad, flat surfaces with sharp corners.

The intricate decorative motifs found on French sofas include scalloped carvings, flowing scrolls, and wooden ornaments, adding to their elegance and sophistication. Despite their elaborate detailing, French sofas maintain a sense of delicacy and refinement.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, French classic design sofas elevate any living space with their timeless charm and artistic flair. Whether adorned with intricate carvings or embellished with decorative motifs, French sofas exude a sense of luxury and sophistication that is unmatched

7 French-Inspired Classic Luxury Sofas Handcrafted in India by Royalzig


 1. Classical Luxury French Style Sofa Set


Classic Luxury French Style Sofa Set in Ribbon Carving Design Handcrafted in India Brand Royalzig Luxury Furniture

The special design and shape of this Classic Luxury French Style Sofa Set seems to be welcoming you with outstretched arms.
Although the size and shape of this sofa is similar to the Italian sofa, yet its beautiful ribbon inspired carving takes away its big size. This sofa will make your living room feel much more spacious and less stuffy. You can change the color, fabric and arrangement of seats as per the interior design of your house, this feature of customization Royalzig provides you great convenience.
See the Detail Specification & Price of This Classic Luxury French Style Sofa Set 

2. Miramar French Style Carved Sofa Set

French Style Carved Sofa Set Handcrafted in India By Brand Royalzig Luxury Furniture

This sofa represents the pontoon French design, with a straight back, straight line carving work and beautiful and lovely turned legs that are a sight to behold.
It is not heavy at all and its comfort is first class, people who value elegance will definitely like this sofa. The fabulous jacquard fabric, premium quality PU foam and lovely pillows make this sofa an extremely comfortable one.
See the Detail Specification & Price of This Miramar French Style Carved Sofa Set

3. French Style Royal Classic Sofa Set


French Style Royal Classic Sofa Set in Teak Wood Carving- Handcrafted in India by Brand Royalzig Luxury Furniture

This sofa set shows a special design and carving, this French Style Royal Classic Sofa Set has a lot of carving which is intricate but still gives you a different feel than the heavy wooden sofa like baroque design sofa or rococo style sofa. Its attractive shape and comfortable size appeals to people who like royal style and art. The artist has beautifully balanced the depth and delicacy of wood carving art in this French royal sofa.
You can customize the color of the velvet fabric on its comfortable seats as per your choice from Royalzig.
See the Detail Specification & Price of This French Style Royal Classic Sofa Set

4. Visalia French Style Carved Sofa Set


Visalia  French Style Carved Sofa Set – The artistry, delicate beauty and richness of colors of this sofa make it special. Beautiful, luxurious high quality and expensive jacquard that you can customize. These sofa sets can never go out of fashion, they are timeless and special.
See the Detail Specification & Price of This Visalia  French Style Curved Sofa Set

5. Concord French Style Sofa Set

For those who do not give importance to any other color over wood, who like the color of wood and want a classic design, this French Design sofa is no less than a gift. Whether you own a haveli or have a lovely apartment or a luxurious villa, this is a contender for decorating a living room.
Its special carving, excellent comfort level, eye-tolerating color scheme which gives a warm feeling in itself. 
Click here for more information about this Concord French Style Sofa Set

6. French Style Relief Carving Curve Sofa set

This sofa of special vintage design further expands the preferences of those who want classic interior design. This Vintage style French Sofa set has a 3 seater sofa, one center table and 4 classic chairs. All four chairs have oval back and armrest which provides more comfort and is also stylish.
The rest of the sofa sets also have subtle carving in the same manner as the French Sofas, but only on the crown part. The curved shape of the 3 seater sofa and the fabric on its back which has artistic and historical paintings design on it looks a wonderful combination with the pink colored plain fabric. The wood carving artist has left no stone unturned in decorating this sofa. This sofa set will take you to the memories of some historical place.
Know More About This French Style Relief Carving Curve Sofa set

7. Imperial French Style Carved Sofa Set

Number seven is our selection "Imperial French Style Carved Sofa Set", this sofa reflects the neo classic style in which vintage French design has been given an modern twist. The carving principle of this sofa set is inspired by the great French Style but the color technique on it is quite modern, just like its seats, mattress and fabric are also of modern quality and technique which gives a very comfortable feel. This sofa is in gloss finish but you can customize it as per your taste and interior.
For More Information about this sofa click here 

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