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Royalzig presents India's best online Living & family room furniture studio where you have decision of getting your home furniture altered to your necessities and prerequisites.

We bring you 1000+ furniture structure designs of sofa, benches and chairs in Vintage, Colonial and Traditional styles made of best quality solid Teak wood and Rosewood.

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Beautiful carved legs, charming color tones, durable and smooth table top will entertain your living room with great panache. Our table collection includes Indian traditional style center table , carving Italian style teak wood coffee table , royal crafted end table. 

Here you have complete freedom to choose your design, you can choose the design from anywhere. Our world-class designers will make you your favorite product, you can also change it according to your requirement.

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How nice would it be to have someone design your favorite furniture and give it to you? That would be amazing indeed. Well known designers of Royalzig are now at your service, you can choose the fabric of your sofa set as per your choice, discuss how the color of the sofa should be, how much comfort level you like, what kind of seat you have You should also decide which wood you want.

Royalzig will assign designers to help you with all this. So now design your home sofa set, bedroom set, console table as per your imagination, our experienced artisans will surprise you by making furniture according to your design.

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Every home require trunks and blanket chests, in which we keep blankets, quilts and other items, blanket chests are very helpful in keeping the bedroom clutter free. Our "TRUNKS & BLANKET CHESTS" collection offers the finest trunks and blanket chests of royal design made from the finest solid wood.

Our expert craftsmen will make any design of trunks or blanket chests of your choice for you, only you have to express your choice to our designer. Beautiful brass handles, royal knobs, antique locks and luxurious wood finishes, hand carved designs make our blanket chests and trunks a top-notch product. If you want, you can also use them for decoration.


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The history of footstools is quite old, footstools have generally been used to give an extra comfort and ease to the feet and legs. Apart from this, if you like hand carving footstool then it can also be used as a luxurious decorative product.

Our Carving Foot Stool Collection has the best foot stools available in many designs and styles.

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If there is some kind of space in your house where the sofa will not fit and there will be large space for the sofa chair, then the most suitable furniture product for that is the settee.

You can use wooden settee as a couch, the only difference is the size and style.From our Antique Style Settee Collection you can choose any design from Solid Wood Carving Style Victorian Settee, French Style Hand Curved Settee, Royal Italian Style Carving Settee and Maharaja Style Classical Style Settee, in addition to any design you like you can share with us.

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If you are fond of antique style furniture then you will surely like our antique sofa & chair set collection, in this collection you will find great replicas of antique royal sofa and chair made by the finest craftsmen of the world.

Our Designers has given special attention to 18th century Italian and French style sofa and chair in this collection. Apart from this collection, Indian traditional hand carving antique sofa and chair, Persian style sofa chair, Victorian style sofa and egyption style sofa design are available.

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Be it a trophy of your ability and success, or a beautiful item purchased from a particular place, or a precious gift to keep it all decorated, we have brought for you a special collection of antique luxury "Display & Curio Cabinet". Beautiful hand carvings, clean and tidy interiors, adorable colors and strong teak wood make our display cabinet collection special like your trophy.

1200+ wooden Royal display design, more than 1000 luxury curio cabinet style decorated with hand carving is waiting for you.

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Keeping in mind the modern day entertainment, our Designers has introduced a separate series of luxury TV units and Royal Entertainment Center.

A lot of safe space for small appliances and accessories, beautiful design and 1000 + luxury style TV units, consoles and entertainment units will definitely help you choose a beautiful product for your home.

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