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We understand your concern about safety and security of items you purchased from us. Please be assured that your money / goods are absolutely safe with us, and we will take utmost care to ensure that your trust on us remains perpetually strong.

A. Order Cancellation

Customer can cancel the order within 3 Working days of order placement with Royalzig Luxury Furniture. Royalzig will reimburse the amount within 10 days, to the same account from where the payment was made, or any other mutually agreed documented account. Such amount reimbursed will be subject to deductions made by payment gateway and currency exchange rate, wherever applicable.

After 3 working days, Royalzig will not reimburse the advance amount, as your order would have moved to production line. As Royalzig Luxury Furniture does not stock ready product, and make as per customer order, customized to his/ her requirement, you will appreciate cancellation is not a possibility once production has started.

You agree that cancellation and amount refund will not be possible once your furniture has been dispatched.

B. Returns Policy

At Royalzig Luxury Furniture, we take enough efforts in packaging and hiring renowned freight movers like Safexpress / GATI to avoid any damage to goods in transit. However, there is always a remote possibility of that happening once in a while for which we have put in place return policy for such goods.

  • Royalzig strongly encourages you to inspect the goods immediately after taking delivery. In case of any damage, please take images and video of damaged items and share with us at care@royalzig.com within 24 hours of delivery. Your items are covered under transit insurance, and that will allow us to raise insurance claim with transporter.
  • “IF IT’S BROKEN, ITS OURS” and for that, we will require supporting images and video from your side. Products will be replaced or compensated with other selected product. For any minor damage, we will get the product repaired at your location within next 7 to 15 working days.
  • In any case whatsoever, you agree to inform Royalzig of damaged product within 24 hours of receipt of goods. In case we don’t hear from you within 24 hours of goods received, it will be deemed that you have received goods in right condition; Royalzig will not be responsible for any claims of damages immediately thereafter.
  • Upon receipt of your communication, we will promptly initiate the return process for the goods. Kindly note that the arrangement of transportation and the completion of re-packaging for the items may take 10 to 15 days before the return is finalized