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"Royalzig", India's unique and luxurious hand carving furniture manufacturing brand, offers a unique and gorgeous collection of antique bed designs. In this wonderful collection of our “antique beds”, you will get to see the finest bed designs of Indian traditional Sheesham Wood hand carving beds designs , Italian style carving Teak Wood beds & French Style Handcrafted luxury classic beds. 

 Maharaja Indian Style Carved Antique Sheesham Bed


Luxury Bedroom Set Royalzig Luxury Furniture 1


Order a Royal Bed for your luxury home from the finest collection of beautiful luxury beds with a unique combination of traditional art and modern technology. In our Luxury Beds Designs you will find hundreds of Luxury Italian Carving Bed Designs, French Luxury Bed Designs, Indian Maharaja Style and Victorian Luxury Bed Designs



An enchanting collection of contemporary beds made with the finest technology of modern times, strong teak wood and the latest designs of the present day are the special offering of "Royalzig" for today's generation.

In this exclusive collection, many beautiful and adorable contemporary bed designs are available. A combination of different materials such as steel, wood, and marble can easily entice anyone

 Lin Modern Luxury Queen Panel Bed Made in India Brand Royalzig