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Royalzig Introduces "Antique Style Bedroom set collection", crafted by India's indigenous craftsmen.  This Antique bedroom collection will bring you the memory of charm and warmth of the old days.  Perfectly carved headboards, durable and thick Seasoned teak wood pillars, world-class carpentry, and flawless polish makes our antique bedroom set collection very special. In this special collection of antique bedroom set you will see the colonial style, vintage style, Anglo Indian style, french style, Victorian style , Maharaja style bedroom set. We offer easy customization in size, color & design. Order one for your bungalow now. 

Antique European Bedroom Set RABS 01


Rania Hand Crafted Luxury Bedroom Set


The artistic use of beautiful colors, intricate hand carvings by skilled craftsmen with great care and high quality PU finishing on the world's finest designs, all of which give our luxury bedroom furniture a top-notch royal title. We are proud that all our products meet 100% standards of quality and luxury. Whether you prefer the Victorian style Royal Bedroom Set, or you like the French Style Bedroom Set created with the magic of fine workmanship, or you want the glorious Indian traditional style bedroom set, our artisans will definitely make you spellbound by their workmanship and skill. Select your favorite bedroom Design now. 



It does not matter to us whether the design is contemporary or antique, our artisans always give special dimension to every furniture with their art, skill and dedication. In Royalzig's Contemporary Bedroom Set Collection, you will find a mix of modern design as well as high quality material and fine art. The traditional art and contemporary design in our contemporary bedroom set makes it a luxury class bedroom set furniture. These designs give you a feeling of spiritual peace with comfortable and less space. 

Altamount Designer Bedroom Set