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Saharanpur Furniture: A Storied Legacy of Wood Carving Excellence, Enriched by Centuries of Artistic Flourish and Global Influences


Master Artisans working on carving furniture and handicraft products in a small atelier - old time black & white image

Situated Approximately 170 Km North-Northeast of India's Capital, Delhi, Saharanpur Is a Historic City in Uttar Pradesh. in the Medieval Period, Under the Rule of Iltutmish, Saharanpur Became a Significant Part of the Delhi Sultanate, The art of wood carving ascended during this era , Marking the Inception of Its Illustrious Wood Carving Tradition. This Tradition Has Endured Through the Centuries, Witnessing Influences from Central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East During Subsequent Periods – from the Mughal and Maratha Eras to the British Colonial Period.


the Art of Wood Carving Flourished During the Mughal Period, Marking an Unparalleled Golden Age. Its Lasting Legacy Endures in the Intricate Wood and Stone Carvings That Adorn India's Historical Buildings and Heritage Sites, Serving as a Testament to the Mastery Achieved During This Remarkable Era.

Renowned Artisans, Invited by Kings and Officials from Distant Lands, Chose to Make Saharanpur Their Temporary Home; Some Even Chose to Live Here for Their Entire Lifetime. the City's Reputation as a Hub of Exceptional Handicrafts Drew These Skilled Craftsmen, Who Found a Welcoming Abode in Its Artistic Community.

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Throughout These Historical Phases, the Wood Carving Industry in Saharanpur Adapted to Changing Tastes and Demands, Incorporating Diverse Designs and Styles. Today, Saharanpur Stands as the Largest Wooden Hand-Carving Furniture & Hand Made Wooden Home Decorative Products  Center in India, Boasting an Extensive Range of Intricately Wooden Carved Furniture. the British Introduced Local Artisans to European Designs, from Italian and French Styles to Victorian, Rococo, Baroque, and Louis XVI Styles. the City's Artisans Skillfully Blend These Global Influences with Indian Traditional Style, Creating Exquisite Pieces That Reflect the Rich Tapestry of Saharanpur's Artistic Heritage.

After gaining independence from the British government, Saharanpur's wood carving art faced a profound crisis due to economic, political, and country partition. The Indian government's initiatives, such as Make in India, Startup India, One District One Product, and the Internet revolution, have played a crucial role in revitalizing Saharanpur's 400-year-old wood carving tradition. Presently, around 7 lakh people are directly or indirectly associated with the wood carving industry, generating an annual turnover of approximately Rs 400 crore, a figure that continues to grow. Saharanpur's wood carving has now carved its niche globally, with products like wooden carved furniture, handcrafted decorative items, and kitchen utensils being exported to various countries. Over 1200 small and medium manufacturers contribute to the wood carving profession, with Royalzig Luxury Furniture distinguished for its exceptional finishing and production of world-renowned and prestigious furniture designs.

The Rise of Royalzig Luxury Furniture : A Premier Wood Carving Classic & Luxury Furniture Brand from Saharanpur

In the annals of craftsmanship, the art of wood carving, handed down through generations in an unorganized fashion, underwent a transformative journey. It was in 1960 when a group of master craftsmen, armed with their tools and expertise, established a wood carving workshop in Saharanpur. This initiative birthed exquisite pieces of furniture, earning global acclaim for the elegant Classic Italian, French, Victorian, Moroccan, Indian Traditional, Royal, British Colonial, Rococo, Baroque, Louis XVI and Designer Furniture.

The legacy of fine wood carving persisted, reaching a turning point in 2019. A new generation, armed with education and technological prowess, assumed the reins. This ushered in the era of Royalzig Luxury Furniture Private Limited and an online presence with a dedicated website. Collaborating with eminent designers and professionals globally, this generation meticulously analyzed luxury furniture exhibitions worldwide. Their efforts brought forth new designs, finishes, colors, and materials, enriching the Indian market.
Royalzig has revolutionized the Saharanpur wood carving industry through innovation, extensive research, training, Artificial Intelligence and the adoption of luxurious finishes i.e gold leaf gilding, premium-quality materials, and the finest wood carving techniques. With world-renowned and unique designs, coupled with their skill, expertise, and understanding of the global luxury furniture market, the Royalzig team has positioned the brand as a leader in handcrafted luxury furniture, not only in Saharanpur but throughout India.

With a successful track record, Royalzig's accomplished team has seamlessly executed nearly 200 Luxury Furniture projects, including villas, palaces, hotels, apartments, and penthouses, both globally and with a notable presence in India.

Today, Royalzig's Luxury Classic Furniture commands admiration not just in India but also in prominent countries worldwide, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahrain, Nigeria, Germany, Kuwait, Romania, Ireland, Netherlands, and Switzerland. This signifies the ongoing saga of fine wood carving, harmoniously blending tradition with innovation on the global stage.

Royalzig offers an extensive collection of hand made


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