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Indoor Furniture

In this category Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Storage Unit and Complements have are present.

  • Living Room Furniture - Basically in living room furniture Sofa Set, Divan, Couch come and Console Table comes.
  • Bedroom Furniture - In Bedroom furniture Bed, Bedset, Bedroom Set furniture, Dressing Unit comes.
  • Storage Unit - In Storage Unit Wardrobe, Shelf and Racks, Wooden Boxes comes.
  • Complements - Basically, the separator comes under complements.

Best Wood for Indoor Furniture

Basically, two kinds of wood are used in indoor furniture:

1) Cedar Wood

2) Teak Wood

Teak and Cedar are undoubtedly the two most popular choices for outdoor furniture as compared to Wicker, plastics, rattan, and other materials for obvious reasons. Your choice of wood would depend largely on a number of factors that I feel are important in defining one’s choice and ultimately, your personal preference

Look and Appeal:

The look and appeal of luxury furniture are probably the most important factor anyone will consider when making a choice as furniture design can help define a whole lot with its look and appeal. Cedarwoods have a nice and subtle natural appearance accenting your outdoor furniture space light brown, soft red, and gray tones. Outdoor furniture will less likely be used very carefully and conservatively, which makes cedar a good choice of wood owning its ability to accept stains, paints, sealers, or even left in its raw sandy finishing to preserve its natural scent, look and feel. Cedar’s aromatic nature puts it at low risk of danger from the weather, or pests and as it often has a rustic look – even adds a lot to the ambiance of a relaxing evening.

Naturally, Teak is a hardwood, thus it is heavier and denser as compared to cedar. Teak woods which are used for the manufacturing of teak furniture etc. are exclusively grown in supervised teak plantations, in regions, popularly in Indonesia and other parts of Asia, which makes it more scarce and expensive in other parts of the world. The scarcity of teak makes it a valuable, elite and exclusive choice of wood. Teak can either be oiled to appear darker, finer or left in the natural state to age and in some cases, turn a patina gray color. Maintenance: Besides looks and appeal, it is important to buy furniture that is easy to maintain and durable.


It can be another factor but considering the fact that both -Teak as well as Cedar are woods that last for a very long time when left outdoors all year long. Sun, sleet, rain, winds or snow are no issues to teak wood. In terms of finish, stains, sealers, and paints are the best and most popular option as finishing sometimes serves as both protection and beautifier. Teak wood naturally secretes teak oil which helps it in conditioning and protecting itself from harsh weather conditions. Teak’s self-protection and weather resistance ability make it also a preferred choice for shipbuilding timber. In terms of finishing, additional teak oil and leaving it in its natural state are the two most popular finishes.

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