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There are so many types of furniture based on their design, type of wood and type of work done over woods:

1. Hand Carved Furniture

2. Contemporary Furniture

3. Modern Furniture

Here we will talk about Hand Carved Furniture.

Hand Carved Teak Wood Furniture online India by Royalzig Luxury Furniture

Hand Carved Furniture is such a type of furniture in which Natural Human Hand Carving is used to create all the Design and Carving. It is really hard to imagine the amount of work that went into creating hand-carved furniture.

The modern misunderstanding of “hand carving” appears to be more or less universal. I recently performed a search on the keyword  “hand-carved headboard” which returned 40 results. Only two of the items offered were actually hand-carved Headboards, all other 38 result was machine-carved.

Q - Which wood is best for hand-carved furniture?

Ans - When we are talking about hand-carved furniture, the best Indian wood for hand-carved furniture is Teak Wood formally known as Sagawan Wood, because teak wood’s rases do not come out that is teak wood is the best wood for hand carving furniture. Royalzig Luxury Furniture Manufacturer always used Teak Wood for Hand Carved Furniture.

Q - How Hand Carved furniture are made step-by-step?

Ans - When it comes to how made hand carved furniture the 1st thing has to decide by the craftsmen is to choose suitable timber size for a piece of particular furniture after that, they will start cutting the timber into different frames size according to the furniture.

Designing & Carving

Here comes the main part of Hand Carved Furniture- “Carving” after the 1st phase a wood timber transformed into the frames and now designing part starts which are carving. All the design of hand-carved furniture is created in this phase.

Hand Curved Furniture


After the second phase, now the wood timber is transformed into the beautifully carved frame segments now rubbing has to be done because after carving there will be so many stitches and wood rashes and unsmooth spaces are remain in the frame so to remove them rubbing will be done, after rubbing the wood timber is now transformed into smooth beautiful frame segments. Now joint comes into the place. All Segments will be joint together and here a beautiful hand-carved furniture base is ready.

Rubbing Wood

Fabric and Cushion

After rubbing Fabric and Cushion has to be done, this is the best part of furniture manufacturing to choose the best suitable color and suitable fabric for a piece of the particular furniture.

Fabric and Cushion


The coloring is the final phase of hand-carved furniture.

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